How To Dab Without A Torch?

How To Dab Without A Torch?

You are welcome to our brand new helpful article about dabbing without a torch. Dabbing has become a modern day phenomenon and with that the means and methods of dabbing has also evolved. With most dabbing essentials, a torch is an essential part of a dabbing experience, or is it? In this article we are going to talk about how to smoke dabs without a torch and different ways of utilizing your concentrate.

Why Do You Need A Torch To Take Dabs?

Using a butane torch is typically an essential part of dabbing. The torch is used to heat your nail so that you can melt your oil and vaporize your concentrate. Using a torch makes dabbing a quick and efficient way to dab. It heats quickly and then you allow it to cool. But do you have to have a torch to dab? The answer is no. Is it the traditional method of dabbing? Yes.

How To Dab Without A Torch Using Rig?

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Dabbing without using a butane torch can be done in a variety of different ways. Electronic rigs and dab nails are growing in popularity. Hot knives were an early way of dabbing in the past but can still be used today. You can cook your dabs into edibles. And if you are really desperate you can use a candle for a heat source but it could get messy.

Enails: Torch-Free Dabbing, Portable & Quick
Enails: Torch-Free Dabbing, Portable & Quick

Use An Enail

Enail's are electronic nails that heat up automatically. These nails can be super convenient, quick, and easy to use. Some types of enails are considered to be portable and travel friendly. Enails are definitely a dabbing method designed not to use a torch.

Hot Knives: A Modern Tricky & Harsher Technology of The Dabbing World
Hot Knives: A Modern Tricky & Harsher Technology of The Dabbing World

Hot Knives

In the earlier days of dabbing before all the modern technology started to make its way into the dabbing world, people would dab by method of hot knives. This is the act of heating a butter knife over a hot stove and placing your dab on the hot knife or in between two hot knives, and inhaling the vapor produced. This method is a little tricky because you can burn yourself easier and the dabs may be hotter and harsher.

Last Resort of Heating Is Candle Heat.
Last Resort of Heating Is Candle Heat.


For a last resort, if you were desperate, you could use a candle as a heat source for heating your nail to dab. Although it's not recommended due to candle flames causing a sooty residue and not being as hot, it can still be a method considerable to work.

Methods Of Dabbing Without A Torch?

Dabbing without a torch can be done in different ways. Some people prefer a pen or battery of some sort and some people prefer to combine it with their flower. Regardless you can count on your concentrate getting used with or without a torch.

A Pen Or Battery Device For Vaporizing Dabs
A Pen Or Battery Device For Vaporizing Dabs

Vaporize It.

Vaporizing dabs is a method that involves a pen or battery device that you can place your dabs in the chamber, click a button to heat, and inhale in just a few seconds. This is a very popular method of dabbing with no torch.

Top A Bowl.

Topping a bowl with dabs is exactly what it sounds like. Fill up your favorite bowl with your best flower and then proceed to crumble or drizzle your favorite concentrate right on top. When you light the bowl, the wax burns into the flower creating a wonderful vaporization and effect.

Roll A Blunt or Joint For Dabbing
Roll A Blunt or Joint For Dabbing.

Line A Joint.

If you prefer to roll a blunt or a joint, do that! After you place your weed and you are ready to roll, top it with some of your favorite oils. This can create an even burn of flower and dabs during the entire you are smoking your joint!

Edible Snacks From Concentrate.


Another method of not using a torch would be to cook your concentrate into your favorite edible snacks. This is a super simple way of partaking in dabs without actually having to torch, drop, cap, and inhale. This method is not harsh and effective.

No Torch? No Problem!

There you have it! No torch? No problem. If a torch was an absolute must have in the dabbing world than we would all dab the same way, but these days there are too many methods and new ways to partake in the ever changing industry. If you prefer a torch, use a torch, but if you don't? Find your other favorite way of utilizing your concentrates.


Yes, it is safe to use a butane torch. The chemicals is lesser in butane than in propane gas and is always recommended when torching your nails as it does not affect them a the same way a propane torch or a lighter would

Applying dabs on or to anything should always be done with a dabber or dab tool. This ensures that it is an easy, mess free experience. Depending on the consistency of your dabs, would depend how easily it would stick to the flower or not.

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