Quartz vs Glass: Which Banger Best For Dabbing?

Who’s Better? Quartz or Glass Bangers

Dabbing is an art. That’s why there are countless nail and quartz bangers on the market. What nail you choose affects your dabbing experience significantly.

At the end of the day, quartz and glass bangers look similar. Many think quartz is a type of glass, but they’re a mineral themselves. Glass and Quartz are similar but different; it is important to choose which one suits your needs better.

What is Quartz Banger?

A quartz banger is an attachment used for dabbing. This banger is durable, has good heat retention, and is made from a high-quality quartz material. Quartz bangers are typically more popular than a glass bangers but can be more costly.

If you're interested in expanding your knowledge on why quartz bangers are considered the optimal choice for dabbing, we invite you to explore the valuable resource we have prepared for you.

What is Glass Banger?

A glass banger is also an accessory used for dabbing. While not as durable as a quartz banger and made from borosilicate glass, glass bangers are still commonly used. Cheaper in price point but gets the job done.

Who's Better? Quartz Or Glass Bangers

They’re much more challenging, so it’s only natural that a few differences are in place. Let’s talk about them below.

  • Strength: Glass dab nails can easily break. However, quartz nails are much more brutal. You can go for high temp dabs with quartz bangers without worrying. This doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible, though.
  • Taste: Taste-wise, both nails don’t affect the flavor of your glass dab nail. They’re food and medical-grade safe, ensuring a flavorsome experience. This is great as sure nails come with a funky taste.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Both nails are easier to clean than the titanium nail. There’s not much of a difference when it comes to this.
  • Heating Time: Quartz bangers can be heated in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, glass dab nails take around 20-30 seconds to heat up.
  • Price: Quartz nails tend to be more expensive than their glass counterparts. They’re not the most costly nail type on the market, however.

Here is a comparison of the two materials:

Feature Quartz Banger  Glass Banger
Material High quality quartz Borosilicate glass
Heat retention More evenly distributed Can vary
Flavor Concentrate taste remains the same Slightly altered
Strength More durable, less prone to crack. Can crack easier
Appearance Styles can vary, clear in color. Color and styles can range
Cleaning Recommended to clean after each use. Easy to clean
Price Point Can be on the higher or lower end but is typically more expensive than glass. More cost effective

Which Banger is Best For Dabbing?

There is a lot to consider when you shopping for a good banger. All in all, it depends on what you are personally looking for. But, if we are going to have a winning vote, quartz bangers is it. Quartz has been known to last longer, have better heat retention and flavors, and overall is a tougher, more equipped

banger for dabbing. It can handle extreme temp changes and is easy to clean; what more could you ask for?