Terp Slurp Quartz Banger: What Is It And How Do You Use It?


There are a ton of different styles of quartz bangers on the market today. However, the terp slurper quartz banger is one of the most popular bangers. In this article, we will go through what a terp slurper style banger is, how to use it, and how to keep it clean!

What Is Terp Slurp Quartz Banger?

Before understanding terp slurper quartz banger in a comprehensive way, everyone should know what is a terp slurper. A Terp Slurper banger is different from your traditional dab bucket. It is slightly larger and distributes your airflow, product, and heat a little better. 

A Terp Slurper is known to handle bigger and hotter dabs and gets its name from the concentrate being slurped up through small slits in the center when you inhale. 

It is paired normally with a marble set or marble pillar set, and the swirling function of your dabs is phenomenal.

Terp Slurper Dab Nail: How To Use It?

Using a terp slurper nail is easy. You heat, cool, drop your dab, cap, and inhale just like you would with other style bangers.

Here is a step by step guideline on how to use a terp slurper dab nail:

Prepare: First things first, you want to prepare your setup. Start with a clean station, dab rig, and terp slurper nail.

Heat: Heat your terp slurper nail to your desired temperature. Slurpers can typically handle the heat.

Cool: Allow your slurper to cool, but not for too long, or you will have to reheat.

Prepare Dab: Grab your favorite concentrates and scoop a nice glob with the best dabber.

Begin Dabbing: Touch your dab to your slurper-style banger and watch it melt into the dish.

Cap: Cap your slurper if you don't already have a cap already on top. Dab marbles are one of the most common style caps for a terp slurper.

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Inhale And Enjoy:

Inhale and watch your concentrate evenly distribute and swirl up through the center tube of your terp slurper. Exhale and enjoy your buzz! Don't forget to clean after each use.

Parts Of A Terp Slurp Quartz Banger.

There are three main sections of a terp slurp-style banger. The lower dish section, the middle tube section, and the top section.

Topmost Section:

The topmost section of a terp slurper is where the neck is welded to your banger, and it opens up larger than the middle section. 

When you inhale, and your concentrate is pulled through the center to the top, your dabs have enough surface area to swirl up and down back into the dish without getting sucked down the neck and making a mess.

Middle Section:

The middle section of a terp slurper-style banger has angled slits that your concentrate is pulled up through, creating a vortex-like effect. This section is narrow and tube-like.

Lower Section:

The lower section of a terp slurp consists of a dish that allows your dab to melt into before inhaling through the slits and up the center section.

The Benefit Of Using Dab Slurper Quartz Banger.

Terp Slurpers are growing in popularity for a few reasons, but at the end of the day, whatever style banger you choose is totally up to you; you can love terp slurper quartz bangers for these reasons:

Great Flavor:

Terp Slurpers do a great job of preserving the flavor of your concentrates. You very rarely get an altered taste unless you burn your dabs.

Avoidance Of Waste:

Terp slurpers can handle larger dabs, typically at higher temperatures. This ensures that your dab is getting maximum vaporization and little waste.

Perfect For Higher Temp Dabbing:

Low temp dabs are fun and easy, but every now and then, you want to be able to rip a hotter dab, and terp slurpers are great for higher-temperature dabs. They still evenly distribute your heat, making sure your product is vaporized evenly as well.

Great for Large Dabs:

Terp slurpers can handle the heat, and they can also handle the size! Big dabs are no match for a slurper-style banger!

Setting Up Your Terp Slurper Nail For The First Time.

Setting up your Terp Slurper can be an enjoyable experience. Whether for functionality or aesthetics, you can pair the best terp slurper dab nail with a variety of different inserts.

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Dab marble sets are commonly used with terp slurpers. This insert set comes with a top marble cap, terp pearls, a terp capsule or pillar, and a valve marble. You can usually find these sets in multi-color options and different styles to fit your personal wants and needs.

How To Clean & Maintain A Terp Slurper Quartz Banger?

Cleaning and maintaining your terp slurper banger is easy and should be done after each use. This ensures that your banger stays cleaner, clearer, and lasts longer. 

It is recommended that you iso alcohol dunk and soak your terp slurper, and you can use a Q-tip Swab and iso alcohol to clean the inside and around your terp slurper banger.


All in all, whatever style banger is totally up to you, and your personal preference, but for us, a Terp Slurper Quartz Banger is a good option to go with. Big dabs, better heat retention, and it's easy to clean! 

At Honeybee Herb, we offer a variety of Terp Slurper-Style Quartz Nails to choose from. So don't delay, and grab you one today!

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