What Are Terp Pillars & What Quartz Bangers To Use With It

Last Updated On February 18, 2024 at 6:50 am
February 18, 2024

We love a good insert and they are becoming increasingly popular among dabbers everywhere. Terp Pillars alone are taking over the concentrate world and it's not a bad thing! Keep reading to learn more about Terp Pillar inserts and find out what all the buzz is about.

What Are Terp Pillars?

Terp Pillars are a short, medium, or long length glass or quartz pillar. These Pillars are used as an insert when you dab! It is a neat and fun accessory that you will love having in your arsenal of supplies.

How Does A Terp Pillar Work?

A Terp Pillar works by adding it to a heated quartz banger and upon inhale, it swirls and spins. This helps spread your product out evenly and creates a vortex of airflow that increases vaporization of your concentrates. Depending on the type of Pillar you have, you can also slow release your concentrates.

Types Of Terp Pillars.

Terp Pillars come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors, here are a few different options:

Etched Pillar: Etched Pillars are for the dabber with an aesthetic eye. These Pillars can be solid or hollow and come in many different and intricate etched designs.

Hollow Pillar: A Hollow Pillar is a Pillar that is open in the middle and each side. You can slow release your concentrates by filling the inside of the pillar with your product and once it is dropped into a heated banger watch it flow from the top and bottom.

Hollow Pillar with Holes: A Hollow Pillar with Holes is very similar to a regular Hollow Pillar. The difference is that when your product is slow released, it comes out of the top, bottom, and is release out of the sides in a slow and bubbly manor.

Solid Pillar: A Solid Pillar is solid all the way through. You cannot put product in the inside of it. However, it functions just the same and swirls evenly distributing product throughout the banger and increasing airflow.

Hollow VS. Solid Terp Pillar

Here are some of the main differences between Solid and Hollow Pillars.

Hollow Terp Pillar Solid Terp Pillar
Hollow in the center and open on each end. Solid all the way around with no openings.
Can be etched or have holes. Can be etched and come in colors.


Benefits Of Using A Terp Pillar

The benefit a Terp Pillar provides is a couple different things. Firstly, the fact it swirls, evenly distributing products. Secondly, it creates an increase in the vortex of air maximizing how much of your product is vaporized.

How To Choose A Terp Pillar: Factors To Consider

The main factor you want to consider when purchasing a Terp Pillar is size. You want to make sure your Pillar will fit the banger you intend to use it on and they can come in small, medium, and large. The next thing you want to decide on is do you want a Hollow Pillar you can load product into or a Solid Pillar that you can't. Lastly, decide on what you want your Pillar to look like, an etched design or a color.

Honeybee Herb’s Perfect Quartz Bangers For Terp Pillar

Here at Honeybee Herb we offer a variety of bangers that can pair and are perfectly compatible with Terp Pillars.

Honeysuckle Bevel: Honeysuckle Bevel traditional slurper style banger, this banger design has a cylindrical middle that is perfectly set up for a Terp Pillar Insert. Make sure to get the right size to leave room for your valve marble!

Beehive: The Beehive Quartz Banger has plenty of room in its large, cylinder middle chamber. This chamber allows room for the Pillar to circulate with a larger surface area leaving no room for waste.

Honeysuckle XL: The Honeysuckle XL is very similar to the Honeysuckle Bevel but on a larger scale. It provides room for the insert to spin and create that vortex effect with the airflow easily and smoothly.

Honey Tower: The Honey Tower features a tight and tall middle chamber. It can accommodate a large and small pillar and is mesmerizing to watch work. Your product doesn't have time to pool or go down the neck with this insert in use.


Whether you get a Hollow or a Solid Pillar, having an insert like this is a fantastic addition to any dabbing session. Grab you a pack of Pillars from Honeybee Herb and enjoy a magical experience like no other. Find more blogs like this under 'Dabbing Resources.


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