2 pack of replacement moon rocks. Need to replace your moon rocks from your Titanium 6-in-1 Moon Rock? Perhaps you're looking for some moon rock replacements to have on hand, just in case? Well, whatever the reason, the Moon Rock Replacements are going to rock your world. With serious durability paired with performance like you wouldn't believe, these replacement moon rocks are the best this industry has to offer. Slamming down some of the tastiest concentrates you've got is made easy with these Moon Rock Replacements. These bad boys handle the slabs like no other, bringing an entirely incredible dabbing experience you won't soon forget. If you have a moon rock nail, you will need replacements at one point or another. And when you do, it's always ideal to have your own Moon Rock Replacements on hand and ready to go! Interested in a device to smoke your dry herb? Then you'll want to order yourself a Twisty Hookah! These pieces are incredibly dope, bringing on an ergonomic design that feels good in your hand. They're super easy to use too. And with the ability to hold up to 1.5 grams of dry herb, you'll find hitting this thing repeatedly is nothing short of spectacular. Get yours now.
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QUAD CORES $12.99 Free Shipping
Quad-Core Set(1 Pack of 4 Cores) What's better than one core replacement for your Quad Core Reactor Banger? Four of them! That's right. And with the Quad Core Replacements, that's precisely what you're going to have. These quality replacement quad cores come in serious handy when you need to swap out a core. Whether you find your original wasn't as durable as you hoped or it's just impossible to keep your old cores clean, switching out quad cores is made easy with the Quad Core Replacements. This package comes with four durable core replacements. You'll find these are super durable and bring on a whole new level of performance to your piece. All in all, there's nothing like dabbing with fresh cores on deck. So if you figure you'll need replacements in the near future, these are the perfect purchase.
TOP HATS $14.99 Free Shipping
Top Hat Replacement Set (2 Pack) In need of a core replacement for your Top Hat? You’ve come to the right place. These Top Hat Core Replacements are the perfect addition to anyone looking to fill a gap. Whether you broke your old core or simply want to ensure you always have a new core on hand for when the time comes, these Top Hat Core Replacements are going to bring you the performance you want.When it comes to replacement cores, these Top Hat Core Replacements are built to last. And while their performance is impressive, what’s really beneficial is how this package comes with two replacement cores for your Top Hat core reactor. These are always suitable for minimizing your dabbing downtime by being prepared. Take your preparation to the next level and add the Top Hat Core Replacements to your cart today.Thinking about adding a new piece of quartz to your collection? Then combine your Top Hat Core Replacements with a Honey & Milk Core Reactor. These bad boys bring on a whole new level of performance, and the Top Hat Core Replacements will work with this piece. With an opaque WHITE bottom paired with a heat retention core, you’ll find this piece aesthetically gorgeous and able to take the heat. All in all, the Honey & Milk Core Reactor is just another quality piece you should add to your collection. So add it to your cart now and receive it with your Top Hat Core Replacements!
HONEY DISC $12.99 Free Shipping
Honey Disc Replacement Set (2 Pack) Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm Need to replace the honey discs in your Honey Disc banger or Honey Disc Deep Dish? Look no further than our Honey Disc Replacements! These replacements are always great to have on hand, just in case. We can't even begin to count the number of times a dumb friend has managed to screw up and break one of our honey discs. So it always makes sense to have a few extras ready to go in an instant. If your banger is using a honey disc, having Honey Disc Replacements is always a good idea. These replacements will help you sub out a broken honey disc in a flash. Without hesitation, you'll be able to switch them in and continue dabbing as if your original honey disc never broke! Having these hanging out with the rest of your stash is always ideal, especially if you or your sesh buddies are clumsy! Looking for a super dope glass pipe that comes with its own case? Then you'll want to order a Glass Pipe from us! Each pipe you get comes with a Honeybee Herb case, adding to the WOW factor when you whip it out for a sesh. Get yours now and be the envy of your friends with this dope pipe/case combo.